Research Services
  • Evaluation of human-computer interaction, user experience and XR technologies
  • Data collection and analysis of human performance metrics
  • Experience with data mining and machine learning approaches
  • Proficiency in a range of advanced data visualisation techniques
  • Expertise in experiment design, ethics approval processes and user studies
  • Access to large participant pool
  • Availability for keynote, expert panel, consulting and invited seminars
  • VR (Vive, Oculus, Samsung)
  • AR (HoloLens, ARKit)
  • Haptic technologies (Sensable, GeoMagic)
  • Multi-touchscreens and 3D volumetric visualisation
  • App dev (iOS, Android)
  • Physiological sensors (Heart rate, skin conductance, EEG, startle reflex)
  • Real time cognitive load measures and metrics (DRT, reaction time)